Humboldt Bay Christian School

Admission / Enrollment


We are a Christian school and our definite purpose is the development of spiritual ideals. Only those who are seeking Christian education should apply for admittance. Enrollment, while selective, is not limited to children whose parents are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. However, the school is not equipped or staffed to serve students who have either learning disabilities or behavioral problems.

Kindergarten Acceptance Policy

HBCS accepts students who turn 5 years of age on or before September 1 of the current school year. Since it is the desire of the school for every student to be successful, this acceptance is based as well on several conditions:

  1. Student readiness, which is partially indicated by performance on a test administered by the teacher, as well as observance by that teacher;
  2. Student’s interest and enthusiasm toward learning;
  3. Communication skills as observed by the parents and teacher; and
  4. Student’s ability to listen and follow directions. There may be exceptions to these conditions, based on the school administration’s evaluation of the applicant.

Age Requirements

Children entering first grade must be six (6) years old on or before August 31. They will be required to take a readiness test and demonstrate adequate maturity.

Entrance Requirements

Students coming from another school must show grades for the last grading period, as well as show scores on a national standardized test of achievement. If this information is not available or if there are questions about a student’s grade level, a placement test will be given. Each application is acted upon by the School Board following receipt of a transcript. It is understood that all new students will be automatically placed on 60 days probation, after which time their regular standing will be decided.

All new students must provide the following paperwork:

  1. At least two references. Forms will be provided.
  2. A physical examination by a qualified physician.
  3. A completed Certificate of Immunization.